Thai fruit Producer

We work closely with our Thai Fruit supplier – they are one of the few in Thailand who produce these specialist high quality vacuum fried fruits and vegetables.

Vacuum frying is a well established process but it is only recently that they are coming to the Western world. This vacuum process means that the fruits contain a far lower fat content than they would using conventional methods. Being produced in a vacuum the oil temperature required is no greater than 70 Celsius minimising oil intake into the fruits and preserving the integrity of the oil itself.

The vacuum process not only retains the fruits original flavour, colour and nutrition, but actually intensifies the fruits flavours, creating a light and crispy snack bursting with natural flavours.

Established in 2002, the production plant is located in the Klaeng District, to the South of Bangkok and East of Pattaya.

Fruits are generally supplied from nearby approved farms in the region.