Focusing on Provenance and traceability throughout the entire food chain from farm to shop, with a conscious emphasis on additive free natural products to satisfy high market demand for healthier, fresher & funkier snacks. We continually search the globe for new and exciting ingredients and products to create ever more innovative additions to our ranges.

Our two brands, Olé and Sunakku both offer unique products and ingredients, many totally new to the Western World.

High Oleic Peanuts are higher in healthier mono-unsaturated fats than traditional peanuts, with more beneficial qualities than Olive Oil. Olé is the only brand in the Western World that exclusively uses these highly beneficial types of High Oleic Peanut varieties; delivering a delicate flavour with a more satisfying crunch. For retailers they also have the added value of a longer shelf life.

The Sunakku range includes a totally new snacking experience of all natural fruits with intense mouth-watering flavours. A brand new crispy snacking taste sensation brought to exclusively by The Provenance Trading Company.