High Oleic Peanuts

An overview of the benefits of high-oleic peanuts and their nutritional properties

The nutritional benefits of all edible oils depend on their “fatty acid profile” and this varies greatly between different oil types. The graph below shows the fatty acid profile of the oil in high oleic peanuts versus that of other well known edible oils.

Fat Comparison

Potential Health Benefits

  • Same fatty acid profile as olive oil – even better as higher in Oleic Acid (the good acid!) and lower in Linoleic Acid (the bad acid!)
  • Lower sugar and sucrose content versus regular peanuts
  • Possible anti-oxidant properties
  • Potential to regulate appetite
  • Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Potential for disease prevention – heart disease, diabetes, cancers
  • Weight Management – lower Body Mass Index

Improved flavour over regular peanuts

  • Reports have shown high oleic peanuts to have better flavour quality
  • Also lower levels of “off” flavours

Reported Shelf Life Benefits

  • Extended by up to 14 times
  • Creating storage and distribution advantages


There is a growing body of research around the world into the benefits of High Oleic Peanuts. The following links make for interesting reading – we will update research studies as and when they become available: